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Blending / Mixing

We have blenders for powders and solid materials sized from 120 cubic feet (4000lb. or larger batch) to 100 cc. Primary production machines currently in use are 5, 10, 20, 80 and 120 cubic feet in capacity.

All blenders have the capability to add liquids
for dust suppression, or adsorption of high concentration active liquid ingredients on inert carriers.


Grinding and size reduction are accomplished by impact and attrition using "MikroPulverizer" hammer mill, "MikroCrusher" block breaker, pin mill, disc mill and other machine types.

Any size feed (including solid drums) can be reduced to as fine as 5 micron average particle size.



Littlern Corp. finds its place in the supply line performing services for chemical producers, users and sellers in areas where the volumes of certain products to be made may not justify the investment for captive plant and equipment, or where these processes are an annoyance and/or housekeeping problem in normal plant operations.

Because Littlern Corp. specializes in blending and grinding, we are able to give more care to these operations than would commonly be found where they are done as an auxiliary to regular production. Specifically, we operate clean so as not to contaminate products, and carefully so that blends are complete and weights are precise.

The work we do is not exotic, but if not done properly can be a source of significant problems.


Almost any incoming and finished package can be provided. This includes paper and plastic bags, boxes, fiber and steel drums, "Totes", supersacks, and more.

Pre-weighed batch inclusion bags are increasingly popular, and can be supplied with normal, low-melt-temp, or water soluble bags, in sizes as small as 50g. Variation in net-weight is maintained at 1% or less for any package type.


As an added benefit for our customers, we are able to act as a warehouse distribution and fulfillment center.

We can drop-ship processed materials to end-users, as well as perform the functions of a conventional warehouse storing and distributing chemical products.

Littlern Corp. Products

Rezino is a class of materials combining resins with other ingredients in a powder form. This processing improves dispersion, uniformity and consistency while speeding mixing and simplifying handling.

The most common form of Rezino combines phenolic resin (melt point <100°C) with zinc oxide in a uniform blend packaged in low-melt poly bags. This product was developed to reduce premature failures.

  77 Second Street, S.W
Barberton, OH 44203-2619